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Baetis Olives .......                                                                                          January 16, 2017
In my new presentation "Eastern Pennsylvania Hatches & Streams" the first hatch I cover is the Baetis tricaudatus olives, which are the first mayflies we see on many of our steams. Picture here is my Baetis Olive CDC Thorax Dun which is a really effective pattern whenever these little flies are on the water. I tie these on Daiichi #1180 hooks in sizes #18 to 22 using the following materials: olive Microfibett tails, Wapsi goose biots in Blue Wing Olive, Superfine dubbing in Blue Wing Olive, TroutHunter CDC in Natural Dun and Grizzly Whiting hackle dyed Golden Olive. The thread is Uni 8/0 in Olive Dun or Sheer 14/0 in Olive. Be sure to add a few of these to your fly boxes before springtime arrives ......
Trick of the Tail .......                                                                                       January 23, 2017
   Whenever I'm tying mayfly dun or spinner patterns I always use forked tails on them. Why? From an aesthetic perspective they look sexy as hell and from a functionality angle they improve floatation on a fly. By forking your tails you add surface tension at the heaviest end of the hook. I start off creating a base layer of tying thread wrapping from the front back to the point over the barb and add a small ball of dubbing. From here wrap forward 2/3 of the hook shank in close turns and tie in Microfibett fibers with the tips projecting past the dubbing ball a distance equivalent to the length of the hook shank. Wrap back to the dubbing ball in close turns while keeping the tail fibers on top of the hook shank. As you do the fibers will naturally begin to spread as you approach the dubbing ball. Spread the fibers by hand and wrap snug against the dubbing ball, keeping an equal number of fibers on each side. By keeping a smooth base layer of thread you can tie in a biot and create a nice smoothly tapered body as you wrap the biot forward. Check out "Matching Major Eastern Hatches" for more detailed info on this technique and give it a try. #regalvise #unithread #daiichihooks #naturesspirit
Somerset 2017 .......                                                                                          January 30, 2017
   The Somerset stop of the Fly Fishing Show tour was a great show and a truly great experience for a man that's still just a kid that can't stay out of the water. I had a really good time catching up with so many old friends and making a lot of new ones. A huge thank you to everyone that stopped by to say hello, picked up a copy of "Keystone Fly Fishing", attended one of my presentations or had me sign a book for them. I'm truly blessed to have been able to share my love of fly fishing with so many people, participate in a truly remarkable book project with Jay Nichols and the "Keystone Team" and be a part of shows like this one. Thank you!
DNA Spinners.......                                                                                    February 06, 2017
   The next stop for me will be the Sky Blue Outfitters "Get Ready Event" in Bally, Pennsylvania on Saturday, February 11. This years event will feature a fly tying contest for all skills levels which promises to be fun to watch. I'll have copies of "Keystone Fly Fishing" available for purchase and be tying one of my "go to" patterns; the DNA Spinner throughout the day. Stop by and learn how to tie this super effective pattern for those selective spinner eaters, pick up a book or say hello. Check out for more details! #keystoneflyfishing #unithread #daiichi #naturesspirit
Hendricksons.......                                                                                            February 20, 2017
   My favorite springtime mayfly hatch is Ephemerella subvaria, more commonly known as the "Hendrickson". Pictured here is a male dun from the Manatawny creek in southeastern Pennsylvania. I'll be talking about this mayflies life cycle, the Manatawny and my favorite Hendrickson imitations as well as a number of other marquis hatches and Pennsylvania streams this Wednesday evening during my presentation at the Delaware Valley Fly Fishers in Yardley, Pennsylvania. Looking forward to speaking to this great group again! #keystoneflyfishing
Early Blue Quills.......                                                                               February 27, 2017
   This coming weekend brings the Lancaster, Pennsylvania edition of The Fly Fishing Show to town. I will be giving presentations both days and signing copies of "Keystone Fly Fishing" and "Matching Major Eastern Hatches". One of the insects I will be discussing in my presentations is the Early Blue Quill or "Paraleptophlebia adoptiva", another marquis springtime hatch here in the east. This weeks image is a female Blue Quill Dun, which can provide some excellent mid-day dry fly fishing in the springtime. Each day of the show I will be presenting at 10:00 AM, Saturday in the Catch Room and Sunday in Room A. Book signings will be from 1:00 to 2:30 PM both days. I hope to see you there! #keystoneflyfishing
Lancaster 2017.......                                                                                      March 06, 2017
The Lancaster, Pennsylvania edition of the 2017 "Fly Fishing Show" tour was an incredible success this year and I am truly blessed to have been a part of it. The crowd this year was the largest I've ever seen at this show and I'm still amazed and grateful for the number of people that came to my "Eastern Pennsylvania Hatches & Streams" seminar on Saturday. It is a truly humbling experience to be able to share my love of fly fishing with people and I'm overwhelmed by the interest in the new book "Keystone Fly Fishing" and the success we have had with it. A very satisfying experience to work with such a great cast of characters, a number of who were also at the show. This coming Saturday I will be at Tight Lines Fly Fishing in Parsippany, New Jersey demonstrating how to tie some of my favorite patterns, doing a presentation and signing books throughout the day.
Cheesesteak Trout.......                                                                                       March 13, 2017
   The April - May issue of Fly Fisherman magazine is out and I'm truly honored to have an article about some of the fly fishing opportunities in and around the "City of Brotherly Love"; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in this one. I'm even more honored by the review of "Keystone Fly Fishing" written by editor Ross Purnell. A big thank you to Ross for inviting me to write for this great magazine! With a major snowstorm approaching for the east coast, you might want to pour yourself a glass of something smooth and enjoy some reading and fly tying tomorrow. This week I'll be presenting at South Jersey Fly Fishers on Wednesday, the 15th and teaching a fly tying class with members of the Anglers Club of Philadelphia on Sunday the 19th. #keystoneflyfishing
Grannom Caddis.......                                                                                       March 20, 2017
   One of the patterns we covered in my Anglers Club of Philadelphia fly tying class yesterday was my favorite pattern to imitate the Grannom caddis adult. This a super effective pattern that is very simple to tie and quite durable. We should be starting to see them hatching soon and they usually bring a lot of fish to the surface and provide some great early season dry fly fishing. The pattern and tying technique is presented in my first book "Matching Major Eastern Hatches". Be sure to spin a few of these and be ready to tie one on this spring. If you are looking for the best natural brown CDC on the market to tie these be sure to reach out to the folks at TroutHunter ( and order some.
Quill Gordons.......                                                                                                   March 27, 2017
   This coming Saturday, April 1 I will be at A&G Outfitters in Dickson City, Pennsylvania for their "Spring Kick Off" event which goes from 9:00 to 4:00. I will be doing a presentation at 10:00 and tying flies and signing books the rest of the day. Pictured this week is one of our really cool early season hatches; Epeorus pleuralis aka "Quill Gordon" which I will be talking about in my presentation among other premier hatches. The Epeorus genus has a unique emergence behavior and I'll be tying my "go to" soft hackle emerger pattern among others. Doug Bear from Orvis will be there along with Tom Januckawicz from Hemingway Products, some great promotions, raffles and food. Adam Nidoh runs a really great fly shop and Saturday looks to be a great event! #keystoneflyfishing www.
Good Bugs, Great People.......                                                                            April 03, 2017
   During a hatch I usually tend to stick with my own patterns, but once in a while I mix it up and try something new. This week's pic is of a really nice brown that just didn't have any interest in what I was showing him, but took one of Eric Richards "Hat Rabbit" emergers like it was waiting for it all week. The "Hat Rabbit" is a great pattern Eric ties to imitate a March Brown hatching in the film. The fly is shown in "Keystone Fly Fishing". While the fly itself is a sweet pattern, Eric is a really great angler and an absolute blast to fish with. It's always great fun to fish with someone that has a higher level of passion and excitement and Eric quickly became one of my favorite fishing friends when we started fishing together a few years ago. Check out his website and book a day with him. #keystoneflyfishing
Packing Up .......                                                                                                 April 17, 2017
   Today was best described as a frenzy, trying to tighten up some loose ends and getting packed up for a trip I started planning the beginning of the year. I'll be off of the grid for a while; heading out to Utah to fish a few rivers that are on my bucket list and hoping to have some good Baetis Olive hatches and fish that want to play while I'm out there. I'll be meeting up with a few great people; Dan Barr, Paul Barr and Adam Findlay and fishing the Green and Provo rivers. Pictured this week is a shot of a male Baetis tricaudatus dun and hopefully there will be some nice shots from my trip to post when I get back. Till then .......
Sulphurs .......                                                                                                            May 03, 2017
   After being off of the grid for most of the past two weeks, a fresh post finally. I just got back from a great trip to Utah's Green and Provo rivers and will post images from there next week. A very brief pause in the action before heading to Corning, New York to do a tying demo and presentation co-sponsored by the Twin Tier Five Rivers Chapter of Fly Fishers International and the Leon Chandler Chapter of Trout Unlimited. My presentation was titled "Meeting and Matching the Sulphur Hatch". A huge thank you to Kirk Klingensmith and Bob Carlson for inviting me to speak to the group and to all of the members that came out last Monday evening. Great too to see Mike Hogue of Badger Creek Fly Tying in the audience! Pictured this week is one of my "Go To" emerger patterns that I demonstrated, the Sulphur DOA Cripple Emerger.
Provo River Gold .......                                                                                       May 08, 2017
This week's pic is a truly beautifully colored brown from my trip to Utah a few weeks ago. This particular fish was from the Middle Provo river near Heber, Utah. Dan Barr and I enjoyed three days of fishing on the Provo, with perfect overcast days and heavy hatches of Baetis Olives. While we took fish on a number of patterns, the most effective flies were my Baetis DOA Cripple Emerger and olive Last Chance Cripples. The Provo is a beautiful place with some of the most incredibly colored fish. Stay tuned for more images from this trip in the next couple weeks.
Green River, Utah .......                                                                              May 15, 2017
   This week's pic is of two really great guys, and one really cool English Setter I fished with during my recent trip to Utah. Dan Barr had invited me several times to come out and fish the Green with him. His son Paul Barr drove down from Driggs, Idaho to fish with us along with his setter "Maggie" who is a bona fide "Trout Dog". The river was running at a record high flow of 8,800 CFS which made fishing very difficult and pushed the fish into the side eddies to feed on hatching Baetis. Paul did a masterful job on the oars, getting us through some pretty rough water. Pictured this week is Paul hooked up while Maggie watches intently from the bank and Dan works on a riser downstream. The Green is a truly spectacular river to see and fish and I will surely be back for more. Thank you Dan and Paul for a great trip!
Lime Sallies .......                                                                                           May 22, 2017
   The past week has been rather hectic with so many things going on including a presentation at Donegal Trout Unlimited in Lancaster and a book signing at Painted Table Designs in Morgantown, Pennsylvania and the broadcast of the Keystone Fly Fishing Guide program on Pennsylvania Cable Network last night and this morning. I still managed to find some time to get a few bugs in front of the camera lens; including this bright little bug, Isoperla imbecilla which is more commonly known as the "Lime Sally" here in the east. In my experience I've found trout more fond of it's yellow cousin Isoperla bilineata, or "Yellow Sally". Either way, these are very cool little insects and I'll be posting other species soon. Till then .......
Andipose Art .......                                                                                             May 30, 2017
    The variety of coloration and spot patterns in brown trout always amaze me, and andipose fin markings also come in a very cool range of colors and markings. This pretty came from Pennsylvania's Pohopoco creek (say that fast three times!) which is a place I really enjoy. The Pohopoco is a small tailwater stream not far from Jim Thorpe that has a great population of wild browns and flows through some very beautiful country on it's way to the Lehigh river. The perfect place to take a box of hairwing dry flies and a short bamboo rod and get lost for a day. I'll post a gallery of images from the Po on my Face Book page. Enjoy .......
Henryville Fly Fishers .......                                                                            June 05, 2017
   My favorite fly fishing writer has always been and still is Ernest Schwiebert and no one has ever done a better job of romanticizing the sport, it's rivers, it's history and the beauty of the fish better. One of the places he wrote frequently of was his beloved home water on the Henryville Fly Fishers Club in the heart of the Poconos in Pennsylvania. "Remembrances of Rivers Past", "A River for Christmas", "Nymphs" and other told stories of this remarkable place and for years I dreamed of seeing it one day. I've been fortunate to fish there a number of times in recent years, and just returned from a great trip there this past weekend with Peter Leibundgut and his son John. While the fishing during the day was slow, the evenings saw good hatches of Sulphurs, Caddis and Cornuta spinners on the water. A pic from the weekend, I'll post a gallery of images on my FB page. Enjoy .......
Exploring .......                                                                                                    June 12, 2017
   My records show that I've fished well over 100 streams and rivers across Pennsylvania, but I know I've only scratched the surface. There are a number of streams in "Keystone Fly Fishing" on my bucket list and I've spent a lot of time this year getting to know more of them. Ben Turpin's write-ups of the streams in the northeastern part of the state has inspired me to explore some of those waters that I having visited in the past. This week's post is a beautiful wild brown I sight nymphed on Pocono creek recently. There's a really cool visual in watching a bigger trout working the bottom in a clear mountain stream, and hooking them based on observing their response to your fly drifting along the stream bed. Ben's write-up was spot on and it was a day well spent on a small stream off of the beaten path. I'll post other images on my FaceBook page. Enjoy ....... #keystoneflyfishing
Practice .......                                                                                                     June 19, 2017
   The other day a beginning fly tyer asked me to help him learn how to dub a fly body. He showed me a few pictures of flies that he had tied and he was clearly frustrated with his results. After spending some time showing him the way I dub we talked about what I feel is the most important thing to do, which is practice. A.K. Best said years ago that he didn't really learn how to tie a fly until he had tied it many times, which may seem odd considering his talent as a fly tyer. Most beginning tiers struggle with learning to control thread tension, managing proportions of the fly, learning how much material is required to build a fly, crowding the head and finally getting consistent results. The key is to truly practice tying flies like any skill like playing an instrument through repetition. When I sit down to tie; I tie several dozen of the same pattern at a time, and even after all of these years it helps me to improve the quality of the flies and keep them more consistent. Work with patterns you know you or your friends will use a lot of and take advantage of the chance to practice, you will be amazed how this will improve your flies...... more on this topic later. Till then ..........
Bug of the Week .......                                                                               June 26, 2017
  This week I wanted to post a bug pic, and decided to put this guy up for my bug geek friends. This is a mayfly specie that we don't talk about much, probably because it's a late season emergence that often starts to show when a lot of trout streams are starting to warm up. Anthopotamus distinctus, aka the "Golden Drake" is a rather large and beautifully colored mayfly that has a few unique traits. Interestingly this is one of the few species where the males do not have eyes that are significantly larger than their female counterparts, and the nymphs have large tusks like burrowing mayfly varieties, but are not true burrowers . Pictured here is a male spinner I photographed on the Manatawny creek near Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Enjoy .......
Circling Back .......                                                                                    July 10, 2017
   Sometimes revisiting an old friend or an old stream is a great gift for a tired soul; and the other week I decided to do just that, and go see an old place that is special to me. Most of a lifetime ago I caught my first wild brook trout on a fly on this little ribbon of water; Hammersley Fork creek in north-central Pennsylvania. My close friend Charlie took me here for the first time when I was just a boy; and although he's been gone for a number of years now, fishing here always brings back those memories of fishing with him and that first encounter with a wild brookie. A solo camping trip along an old haunt with some special memories was the perfect thing to do. I'll post a gallery of images from Hammersley on my Facebook page. Enjoy .......
Photo Shoots .......                                                                                              July 17, 2017
  Lately I've been working on collecting the images I will need for my new presentation for the 2018 season, and working with some new equipment to capture those images. This weeks pic is a low resolution image from a photo shoot on a small Pocono mountain stream last weekend. There are some very beautiful places well off of the beaten path for those willing to go looking for them, and some very beautiful wild fish waiting for you when you get there. If you are interested in having me present to your club or Trout Unlimited chapter meeting or banquet, hit me up. Next years presentation will take you into some of those beautiful, off the path places. Till then .................. #keystoneflyfishing
Special Places .......                                                                                       July 24, 2017
  Most of this season has been spent fishing some of the quieter places out there; the kinds of places where you can feel lost without actually being lost. Pennsylvania has many streams that fit that description, and this weeks post is a shot from one of my favorites; the beautiful little Pohopoco creek. A selfie shot from the Po a few weeks ago. Stay tuned for a new program that will talk about some of these types of places. Till then .................. #keystoneflyfishing
Summer Hatches .......                                                                                     July 31, 2017
  This weeks pic is of our longest hatch here in the east; the tiny Tricorythodes minutus, commonly referred to as the "Trico". These are one of the smallest mayflies we see each summer and run from a size #24 to 26. Pictured here is a female spinner that sat still long enough for a few shots before flying off and getting back to her business. I usually fish this spinner fall pretty hard every summer in the mornings, but this year my local stream warmed up very early and it's been wiser to let the trout do their business without stressing them any further. The Trico challenge is a blast if you are into tiny flies, long leaders with 7X and 8X tippets and 3 weight rods. Fall will be here before we know it and hopefully there will be some Trico's dropping onto the stream in the mornings and water cool enough to get back to my business. Till then .................. #keystoneflyfishing
Good Company .......                                                                                    August 07, 2017
  Over the years I've had the fortune of fishing in some spectacular settings, and on streams and rivers I dreamed of and never thought I would ever get a chance to fish. I've also had the fortune to meet and fish with some great people that have made it all that more special. Pictured is one of those great friends I enjoy fishing with, Dan Barr. I met Dan on the Henry's Fork in Idaho five or six years ago, and since then I've gotten a chance to fish with him in Pennsylvania a few times and most recently in Utah. Dan is an all around great person, a very good angler and student of the sport and its literature. This weeks pic is a shot of Dan on the Middle Provo this past spring, where we had great time fishing during the Baetis olive hatches. Till next week ..................
Hopper Time .......                                                                                      August 14, 2017
  Late summertime and meadow stream fishing always means hopper time to me. This time of year the grasshoppers in the meadows are getting large enough to get a hungry trout's attention, and they will seldom pass up the chance to feed on them when they fall into a stream. Sneaking along a meadow stream and dropping a hopper pattern close to an undercut bank and waiting for the take is a very exciting way to fish . I use only a few patterns to imitate them; and my favorite has always been Ed Shenk's version of the "Letort Hopper", but the "Charlie Boy Hopper" and "Baby Boy Hopper" by Charlie Craven get their share of time in the water too. This week's pic is one of my images that was used in Rick Takahashi and Jerry Hubka's great book "Modern Terrestrials". If you enjoy the challenge of terrestrial fishing, be sure to get a copy of this super book. There is a volume of patterns to imitate terrestrial insects, and methods to fish them effectively. Till next week ..................
Terrestrials Part II .......                                                           August 21, 2017
  Late summer is the perfect season to knot on a terrestrial fly pattern, and there are so many good ones out there. Most of the time I stick to one of my parachute ants or a Harrop CDC Beetle. If I'm fishing a meadow stream a small hopper pattern often goes for a swim; but in a more canopied stream environment I really like this weeks fly, the "Letort Cricket" by one of Pennsylvania's legends Ed Shenk. Over the years these have caught a bunch of fish for me, and its a great fly where you find a deep run tight along the stream bank or a good undercut. If you haven't tried these tie up a few in sizes #10 to 14 on a Daiichi #1260 hook and enjoy yourself. This weeks pic is a pretty, wild fish from Monocacy creek in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania that couldn't say no to a cricket drifted under an overhang. Till next week ..................
Wild Trout Summit Part II .......                                                      August 28, 2017
After attending the first Wild Trout Summit last Saturday I’ve found myself sleeping better at night. Why am I sleeping better? I went in with an optimistic perspective on the potential of trout management in Pennsylvania, but with an admitted amount of skepticism of our Fish & Boat Commission’s viewpoint on the matter.
Looking back, I can say that I was pleasantly surprised by the composition of the audience and the Commission’s position on the value of wild trout. The assembly of attendees was almost exclusively made of people that shared a common interest in protecting wild trout, and it was great to see so many people from TU and other conservation groups present. The panel of presenters was also heavily interested in the preservation and enhancement of wild trout populations. Director Arway impressed me with his passion for wild trout and his vision for their future. Some in attendance were noticeably disappointed by a day that was primarily focused on the study and management of native brook trout populations, and hoped to see more on brown trout management.
My personal take away from this first summit was that many of us place the same value on wild trout, but we need more of us dancing around the fire. We will all always have our own opinions about what drum to beat on the topic of trout management. I think Director Arway brought up a very key point: angler participation in Pennsylvania is down for a host of reasons and our young people are very disconnected with their natural environment. If we are going to impact the preservation of our wild trout we need more people involved, which will require working harder to get our youth out of the house, work to educate other anglers; fly fishers and non-fly fishers alike, and support the programs that are performing the un-assessed waters studies. Get more people around the fire. There is a lot of potential here in Pennsylvania …….

Delco Manning TU .......                                                                            September 04, 2017
   I'll be presenting at the monthly meeting of the Delco Manning Chapter of Trout Unlimited tomorrow night at the Delaware County Field and Stream Association Club in Brookhaven, Pennsylvania at 7:30 PM. My presentation is titled "Eastern Pennsylvania Hatches and Streams", and will talk about the most important hatches we find here, some of my favorite streams where you will find those hatches and the patterns I carry to match them. Stop by for a fun evening and pick up a copy of "Keystone F  ly Fishing, The Ultimate Guide to Pennsylvania's Best Water" or bring your copy to get it signed. Looking forward to speaking to this great group of anglers! See you there .......... #keystoneflyfishing
Isonychias .......                                                                               September 11, 2017
Last weeks post was an image of a female Isonychia bicolor spinner, and given the significance of this mayfly hatch in the eastern U.S. I thought I would post an image of the female dun. "Iso's" are referred to by a host of nicknames such as "Slate Drake", "Leadwing Coachman", "White-Gloved Howdy' among others, and have been re-classified by entomologists based on DNA analysis. Older fly fishing entomologies recognized a number of species which have all since been determined by the scientific community to be synonyms of "Isonychia bicolor". Whatever you choose to call them, the trout find these to be to their liking, and a selection of imitative patterns can be money this time of year. I'm never on the water during the early autumn months without a pair of my "Swimming Isonychia" nymphs tied on a Daiichi #1770 in size #12 or 14. Try fishing two flies down and across on the swing with some action imparted with the rod tip. Check out the pattern in my book "Matching Major Eastern Hatches" and tie a few up, you won't be disappointed! .......... #keystoneflyfishing #daiichihooks
Bass Happens .......                                                                                    September 25, 2017
   I know ....... no post last week ......... what can I tell you other than "bass happens", and that can be a great thing! After a number of attempts I finally got two of my favorite people in the same boat, at the same time with me. Last Monday was spent floating the Juniata River for smallmouth with Eric Richard of Coveted Waters Guide Service fame and Gavin "G3" Robinson; two of my best friends and two of the fishiest people I know. Eric's wife Mitzi Richard gets kudos for supplying the best stream side lunch to date. It was a great day spent with two great friends. By the way, it's not to late to reach out if you are interested in a smallmouth trip with Eric. Give him a shout, his website is, a sweet way to spend a day! .......... #keystoneflyfishing #covetedwaters
Road Trips.......                                                                                   October 02, 2017
   October is probably my favorite month of the year and this October will be a very busy one! Thursday I will be leaving for State College, Pennsylvania to present at the monthly meeting of the Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited, then heading for a few days in Roscoe "Trout Town USA" New York for the annual "Troutoberfest" event at the Beaverkill Angler fly shop in downtown Trout Town. I'll be teaching a fly tying class both days followed by a presentation on Pennsylvania trout streams and hatches. Call Evan or Matt at the fly shop to register for the classes and learn to tie some of my favorite "Match the Hatch" patterns like the DNA Spinner, DOA Cripple Emerger, CDC Adult Caddis and my never be on the water without it "Half & Half" Emerger. This is always a great event and there will be some great people there including George Daniel, "Catskill John" Bonasera and William Anderson among others. #keystoneflyfishing
Road Trips (Part II).......                                                                           October 09, 2017
Last week I wrote that my favorite month of the year is probably October, and that this October was going to be especially busy. True statements! After a presentation at Spring Creek TU in State College, Pennsylvania last Thursday I rolled to the Catskills for the annual "Troutoberfest" event at the Beaverkill Angler fly shop in Roscoe, New York for a few days. On the way home I stopped at a Pocono Mountain area stream and captured a number of its wild browns in their bright October colors as well as a few selfie shots in the process. This week's image is from that creek and I hope you enjoy it. This coming Thursday evening I will be at the Hacklebarney Chapter of TU in Whippany, New Jersey and looking forward to presenting to this great club. Till next week ....... #keystoneflyfishing
Jassids.......                                                                                                   October 17, 2017
The Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum's 19th annual fundraising banquet is scheduled for Saturday, November 4 at the Comfort Suites in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. This year's commemorative fly is Vince Marinaro's iconic terrestrial pattern, the "Jassid". In Vince's 1950 classic book "A Modern Dry Fly Code", Marinaro conveyed the thoughts behind his theories of imitation and trout feeding behavior based on his studies on the legendary Letort Spring Run. This weeks pic is some of the Jassids I've tied for this years banquet. Support a great cause that preserves the rich history of Pennsylvanian's that have contributed to our great sport and order your banquet tickets online. Till next week .......
October Colors.......                                                                             October 23, 2017
   A few weeks ago I wrote that October was my favorite month of the year for a number of reasons. This week's post is one of those reasons. Whether a trout is a little guy from a headwater stream tucked back in the mountains, a big lake run spawner or something in between; browns and brook trout put on their best colors in the fall and after many years of pursuing these beautiful creatures, I'm still in awe of the display every time I see or hold one of them. This weeks pic is a rather beautifully colored fish from Spring creek near Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. There is no more beautiful time of the year to be out on the water and these never cease to put a smile on my face. There's also a responsibility that goes along with fall fishing where wild trout are found and we need to be very aware of spawning activity. Please be responsible in your fishing and avoid fishing or wading over redds and paired up spawners. As tempting as it can be, we owe them every chance to do what they need to do. Till next week ....... #ketstoneflyfishing
Last Cast.......                                                                                         October 30, 2017
   This coming Saturday evening, November 4 is the 19th Annual Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum Fundraising Banquet in Carlisle Pennsylvania. The deadline for tickets is November 1 and can be purchased on the PFFMA's website This is a great organization that preserves Pennsylvania's contributions to the sport of fly fishing. This year I have tied some of the commemorative Marinaro Jassids for the attendees. I have also donated for auction a C&F fly box with over three dozen of my signature fly patterns, which includes CDC Thorax Duns, Half & Half Emergers, DOA Cripples, DNA Spinners and CDC Adult Caddis. Included is a signed and double matted image of a male Hendrickson "Ephemerella subvaria" dun (pictured below), which is a cool accent for a tying room or fishing camp. Order your tickets, bid on some great auction items and come out to support the work of the museum. Till next week .......
Influences.......                                                                                      November 13, 2017
  Ernest Schwiebert was undoubtedly one the finest writers the sport of fly fishing has ever produced, and for those unfamiliar with his work I would challenge you to read some of his classic titles and see for yourself. Ernie was a very complex man with incredible memory and wide knowledge of seemingly every facet of the sport in fine detail; whether it be tackle, casting, fly design, rivers around the world, entomology and historical contributors to the sport. While many are well aware of his talent as a writer, most people probably aren't aware of his talent as a fly tyer. Ernie didn't show his flies much or use photography, and preferred to present his flies and insects with sketches, paintings and colored pencil drawings on stacked sheets of mylar film, all of which were beautifully rendered. I have an exquisitely tied Green Drake dun he gave me years ago, which is one of my prized possessions. Recently I learned that a dear friend of mine had one of his flies in their collection; a Henryville Special and they kindly lent it to me to photograph. This week's post is that Henryville tied by Ernie; and as you can see, he was also a well gifted fly tyer with a great sense of artistry and style. Enjoy .......
Exploring.......                                                                                    November 20, 2017
  One thing that I truly enjoy doing is taking a short bamboo rod, a few flies and my camera on an explore of a head water stream. There's a peace that comes with being off of the grid, moving upstream slowly to see what waits around the next bend and fishing for the wild speckled fish that inhabit those kinds of waters. Sometimes the results can be surprising. This past weekend I went to explore a few of those kinds of places in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania and found exactly what I was looking for after a long hike. A beautiful stream and a quiet place to unwind and enjoy. I was happy to see a healthy population of wild brook trout, and judging by the number of spawned out females I caught, it looks like a successful spawning season. While I enjoy the technical fishing that larger streams offer and the chess game of matching hatches and cracking codes, there's a great reward in trout fishing on a very simple level. So good for refreshing the soul ........... Till next week. #keystoneflyfishing
Bug Geeks.......                                                                                            November 27, 2017
  I've always been an admitted "Bug Geek" and am never afraid to confess that, but I know I'm far from alone on that one. For the most part our sport has focused on crafting flies to imitate these aquatic organisms, and some of us take it to extremes in detail. It's a relatively harmless and fun activity and I get a lot of enjoyment developing good imitative patterns and matching hatches. From time to time I post a bug image and challenge my bug geek friends to identify the genus, species, sex and stage to earn the prestigious "Bug Geek of the Week" title. There's been a lot of fun with this. So for this round let's see who is quickest on the buzzer. A bonus challenge is identifying the fly reel this little bug is sitting on. Ready....... set ........... go! #keystoneflyfishing
Coq de Leon.......                                                                                   December 04, 2017
Coq de Leon hackles are one of the most beautiful feathers available to fly tiers with their rich mottling and glossy sheen. Thank goodness they are relatively common and more affordable than they were years ago. So what can we do with them? Probably the most common use I see for these hackles in modern patterns is tailing for nymphs, and occasionally the fibers are bunched and used for caddis wings. The hackles are too large for most patterns; but my favorite use for them is on my Parachute DNA Spinners, where they work perfectly. Most of our largest mayfly spinners; Green Drake, Brown Drake and Hexagenia have heavily mottled wings, which makes this beautiful hackle very useful in tying imitations of them. The hackles wrapped parachute style around a sight post make a wickedly effective spinner and give a larger fly improved floatation. Pictured this week is my parachute Coffin Fly pattern for the eastern Green Drake spinner. Till next week ...... #keystoneflyfishing
Tools of the Trade.......                                                                    December 11, 2017
  One of the tools that can impact the quality of your tying more than most others is a really good pair of scissors; or even better, a few different types of scissors and cutting tools. While I use very few tying tools for my work, I depend on several pair of scissors for all the cutting. Starting on the right is my favorite scissor which I use for all the more delicate work. These are made in Switzerland by Rubris and have semi-curved, ultra-fine tips. I keep these in my left hand the entire time I’m tying and they fit on my hand perfectly which saves a lot of time. The prism finished scissors in the middle are Dr. Slick Hair Scissors which have very fine serrated blades which keep materials from slipping while I’m cutting them. On the left are a pair of 6” craft shears which are perfect when I need a straight cut with film materials that come in sheet form. Also shown is a small pair of finger nail clippers which are perfect for cutting super tough materials like V Rib or micro tubing which can really ruin your good scissors. Not pictured is a paper cutter which I use for cutting sheet foam. Like anything else it's about having the right tools for the job. That’s the scissor run down for this week, I’ll talk about other tools soon. Till then …….. #keystoneflyfishing
New Waters.......                                                                                     December 18, 2017
  Last week I had the honor of speaking at two Trout Unlimited Chapters in Connecticut. I also had the honor of spending a day fishing with Jeff Yates; Director of Volunteer Operations for Trout Unlimited. While I had read about some of the more familiar places such as the Farmington and Housatonic Rivers; I had no clue that Connecticut has quite a few smaller, and less famous wild trout streams. In spite of 18 degree weather, snow flurries and wind gusts, we did enjoy a great day on this little gem of a river and some of it's wild browns made me feel welcome there. This week's post is a shot of Jeff working some beautiful water on one of those small rivers. Thanks Jeff for taking some time to show me around during my stay; I will be back when we have better weather! Till then …….. #keystoneflyfishing
Last Cast.......                                                                                                                                                                               December 26, 2017
  A year flies by fast and I just realized that this would be the last cast for 2017; and just like on the stream, the last cast needs to be a good one. This year was unbelievably exciting beginning with the release of "Keystone Fly Fishing" and all of the success with the book. It was also a very busy show and presentation schedule, some visits to some old familiar haunts and trips to a lot of new streams and rivers. This week's pic is from my first trip to the Middle Provo River in Utah this past April. Most importantly I've had the pleasure of sharing my love of this great sport to a lot of great people through images, magazine articles and books as well as these pages and made some special friendships along the way. 2018 is shaping up to be a busy year and I'll write about that more in the next few weeks. I'm a very blessed man and thank all of you so much for a great year! Till then …….. #keystoneflyfishing