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After a long wait I am again in possession of a set of classic and artistic Atlantic Salmon Flies I tied for a project for Paul Schmookler and Ingrid Sils. The patterns are in some cases interpretations of classics from the writings of George M. Kelson, T.E. Pryce-Tannatt, and Major John Popkin Traherne; while others are original artistic patterns of my own creation. All of the patterns in this set are dressed on hand-made reproduction irons by Ray Smith and Gene Sunday and utilize authentic Indian Crow, Blue Chatterer, Ariel Toucan, Bustard and other classic materials to create. These flies will be offered for sale on a first come first served basis. Flies will be shipped to you in a mount box with signature card ready for framing as you choose.

The quintessential classic salmon fly, and certainly one of the most popular patterns of all time. A pattern that belongs in any collection of Victorian period flies. The Jock here was featured in the "Art of Angling Journal"; Volume 1, Issue 4, page 95. The pattern as presented here is dressed as described in "How to Dress Salmon Flies", by T.E. Pryce-Tannatt published in 1914. a very heavily dressed version on a size 5/0 Harrison Bartleet iron handmade by Ray Smith. All materials are authentic to the original pattern.

                                                                                                 Priced at $225.00

An original pattern that was featured in the premier edition of the "Art of Angling Journal" in the winter of 2001, page 75. A unique "topping" wing styled pattern made of crest feathers taken from a rare hybridized pheasant. The cross breeding of Golden and Lady Amherst pheasants can at times produce crests with intense crimson colored feathers which are used in the wing, throat and body veilings in this fly which are accented with irridescent Impeyan pheasant neck feathers and body feathers from a Red Temmink Tragopan pheasant. The fly is dressed on a 3/0 Phillips of Dublin iron handmade by Ray Smith.
                                                                                          Priced at $150.00
Featured in the "Art of Angling Journal"; Volume 1, Issue 4, page 95. The pattern recipe is taken from George M. Kelson's "The Salmon Fly" published in 1895, and is dressed in the mixed wing style popularized by Kelson. The wing consists of repeating strip sequences of swan and Kori Bustard married to form the completed wing. The fly is dressed on a 5/0 Harrison Bartleet iron made by Ray Smith.

                                                                                                Priced at $200.00
The Gitana designed by Major John Popkin Traherne is typical of nearly all of the Major's unique and beautiful patterns; with their characteristic whole feather wings and body and tail veilings which were also often created with whole feathers. For my interpretation of this pattern I chose to tie the throat of the fly with Amazon Parrot wing coverts tied in as paired whole feathers instead of wrapping the feather as a hackle for a dramatic effect. The fly is dressed on a long 7/0 iron handmade by Ray Smith.
                                                                                              Priced at $250.00

.Another beautiful classic pattern created by Major Traherne, but somewhat of a departure from his usual style featuring whole feather wings. A brilliantly colored mixed wing of barred black and white Lady Amherst pheasant tail strips married with graduated strips of scarlet and green swan with bright veilings of Indian Crow and cheeks from Blue Chatterer. A great blend of bold coloration, contrast and patterned feathers. The fly is dressed on an extra long Phillips of Dublin iron, size 4/0 hand made by Ray Smith.

Priced at $225.00