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Keystone Fly Fishing began in January 2013 when Jay Nichols of Headwaters Books approached with the concept of a stream guide for Pennsylvania. My initial thought was this has been a number of times over the years; but as Jay continued I knew it was a project that would take a lot of work to create, but a project that I really wanted to be a part of. While other writers have created Pennsylvania stream guide books over the years, no one had ever approached it with the plan that Jay had in mind.

Keystone Fly Fishing  is truly unique because unlike any previous guide books the stream is broken down into regions with each of those regions covered by a local expert. Rather than a single writer attempting to cover the entire state; Keystone goes into a level of detail that no single writer could ever accomplish in a lifetime of fishing. Add to that a comprehensive set of major watershed maps with access points and regionally favorite fly patterns, all presented in spectacular full color images and you have a very unique book. Keystone covers more than 240 streams and rivers across Pennsylvania with coverage of both cold water and warm water fishing opportunities. A truly complete presentation of what Pennsylvania has to offer.

Keystone Fly Fishing is over 600 pages and is printed in a convenient 6 X 9" format to travel with you on your next road trip.

                                                          $33.00 US (Includes Media Rate Shipping)

Ross Purnell, Fly Fishing Magazine‚Äč
‚Äč"This isn't just the best guide on Pennsylvania trout streams available today . . . it's the most detailed, entertaining, credible, and inspiring fly-fishing guide book ever produced. Keystone Fly Fishing will be the model that publishers and authors in other states should aspire to in the decades to come. All fly fishers in Pennsylvania owe a debt of gratiutude to the many guides, authors, and experts who contributed to it. Thank you Jay Nichols for the years of work you put into this."