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3327 N. Highway 20
Island Park, Idaho 83429
(208) 558-9900
My favorite source for the best quality CDC feathers in a wide range of colors, great dubbing blends that are consistent and authentic in coloration, and super quality leaders and tippet materials. Their fluorocarbon tippet is rated as one of the best in the industry, and their 14’ Rene Harrop Signature leaders are the best long length leaders I’ve ever fished. A first rate fly shop, lodge and Bar & Grille on the banks of the Henry’s Fork.

Great Feathers
14824 York Road
Sparks, Maryland 21152
(888) 777-0838

If you are a soft hackle fly geek, this shop will have everything you need to tie these traditional flies such as Plover, Red Grouse, Jackdaw, Partridge, Water Hen and Pearsalls Silk, as well as many other contemporary materials you might need for modern fly patterns.

Blue Ribbon Flies
305 Canyon Street
West Yellowstone, Montana
(406) 646-7642

This is by far the best source for Zelon yarn and for the highest quality deer, elk and moose hair you will find anywhere. They will hand pick the right hair that is the perfect texture and length for the type of fly you are tying. Owner Craig Mathews is the man behind the “Sparkle Dun”, “X Caddis” and a number of great fly patterns.

My Flies

The brainchild of Sharon Butterfield, My Flies is a great source of domestically tied flies from the hands of some of the best fly tiers in the world. Support the American tyer and shop My Flies!

Kelly Galloup’s Slide Inn
150 US Highway 287 S
Cameron, Montana 59720
(406) 682-4804

The sign out front says it all............... “Hot Flies, Cold Beer, Great Stories”  Kelly Galloup is the man who introduced us to the “Circus Peanut”, “Sex Dungeon”, “Zoo Cougar” and the other big streamers. A great shop on the Madison River in south west Montana.

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