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  I am available to do a slide show presentation, fly tying demonstration or fly tying class at your shop, club or group meeting. Contact me to discuss your interests and rates. The following Power Point presentations run 50 to 60 minutes in length.

                                EASTERN PENNSYLVANIA HATCHES AND STREAMS
After four years in the works the "Keystone Fly Fishing, The Ultimate Guide to Pennsylvania Water" releases in January 2017. This presentation focuses on the key hatches the Keystone State offers and the best streams to find them on.

                                          MATCHING MAJOR EASTERN HATCHES                       
My most popular presentation talks about four of my favorite fly designs from my book, the CDC Thorax Dun, the Half & Half Emerger, the DNA Spinner and the CDC Adult Caddis. The rationale behind the designs is discussed in detail and the relationship between artificial and natural shown in high quality images.

                                         TERRESTRIAL PATTERNS AND TACTICS
Summertime and fall fishing often means one game on many streams and good fly patterns to imitate ants, beetles, hoppers and crickets are critical to being successful. My favorite patterns to match them are discussed along with tackle and tactics to help improve your late season success.


                               ​​  MEETING & FISHING THE SULPHUR HATCHES

My favorite mayfly hatch of the year is the Sulphurs. Many anglers often confuse a number of yellowish colored mayflies sulphurs. In this presentation I will show simple methods to identify them and their look a likes and discuss the fly patterns I tie to match the stages of the Sulphur lifecycle.