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Matching Major Eastern Hatches began several years ago as a project to catalog the list of my own fly patterns in written form, which until then were filed away in the back of my mind. As I worked through this a set of thoughts began to take shape around the design process behind each patterns development and the materials used to create the effect I wanted in the fly. There were stories to tell about some of the friends I've fished with along the way; some in the present, and others that have passed on to better rivers as well as stories about the fish themselves. As a fly tier and tying instructor I felt that I wanted "Matching" to show the flies being constructed in a step by step sequence that would help someone at their tying desk. Videos can be troublesome to work with without dropping tying tools to pause, rewind or fast forward through the sequence.

Matching Major Eastern Hatches features over 120 new patterns to imitate nearly all of the common mayfly, caddisfly and stoneflies encountered on streams across the eastern United States as well as a chapter on imitating ants. Some of the patterns are completely new, while others build on and modernize earlier themes with newer materials like CDC, biots and synthetic dubbings, fibers and films. Each chapter begins by discussing the pattern and it's design and then moves into tying it step by step. Each chapter concludes with a color picture and material list for specie specific variations of the pattern design. The patterns include mayfly nymphs, emergers, cripples, duns, spinners, caddis larva, pupa and adults, and stonefly nymphs and adults. There are over 600 full color photos of the tying sequences and the insects discussed.

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" ... sooner or later, selective trout get the attention of most fly fishers and fly tyers, and tying effective imitations becomes either a grudging necessity or an all out obsession. Matching Major EasternHatches ... has lots of interesting approaches for doing just that... "    California Fly Fisher Magazine

"Most fly fishermen, whether a fly tier or a fly purchaser, end up with a collection of flies, many that never see the light of day let alone get wet. It’s time to eliminate those patterns that fail to produce or simply don’t get used. Replace them with new patterns that instill a confidence that will translate into success. A newly released book, “Matching Major Eastern Hatches” by Henry Ramsay, can help you do just that. “Matching Major Eastern Hatches” will help anglers transition from on-stream spectators to participants enjoying the fun of catching fish."                     Mike O'Brien - O'Brien Outdoors