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Tools of the Trade.......                                                                                                                                                                               December 11, 2017
     One of the tools that can impact the quality of your tying more than most others is a really good pair of scissors; or even better, a few different types of scissors and cutting tools. While I use very few tying tools for my work, I depend on several pair of scissors for all the cutting. Starting on the right is my favorite scissor which I use for all the more delicate work. These are made in Switzerland by Rubris and have semi-curved, ultra-fine tips. I keep these in my left hand the entire time I’m tying and they fit on my hand perfectly which saves a lot of time. The prism finished scissors in the middle are Dr. Slick Hair Scissors which have very fine serrated blades which keep materials from slipping while I’m cutting them. On the left are a pair of 6” craft shears which are perfect when I need a straight cut with film materials that come in sheet form. Also shown is a small pair of finger nail clippers which are perfect for cutting super tough materials like V Rib or micro tubing which can really ruin your good scissors. Not pictured is a paper cutter which I use for cutting sheet foam. Like anything else it's about having the right tools for the job. That’s the scissor run down for this week, I’ll talk about other tools soon. Till then ……..    #keystoneflyfishing