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Old Reels ....

I’ve always had a soft spot for older fly reels. Beyond their obvious utilitarian purpose, they bring a lot more to the dance than that alone. There’s obvious craftsmanship in their machining, a well thought out use of materials and a fine sense of aesthetics. Most of them have taken on a beautiful patina over the course of time and use. Some of them carry the mark of their maker stamped on their inner surfaces as a symbol of pride in their skill as machinists and artisans. In the end they are the perfect complement to a nice cane rod, bringing balance and beauty to the pairing of equipment and an enjoyable day on the water. And yes, they sing a beautiful song when a strong fish runs against the drag. This week’s pic is a new addition to the herd; one I’ve had on my wish list for many years, a 3” Hardy St. George. This one was made in the 1930’s and is stamped on the inside “T.A.G.”, the makers mark of Thomas Armstrong who began working for Hardy Brothers in 1928. I’m looking forward to mounting this one on one of my favorite cane rods next spring when the Hendricksons begin to appear over the water. Till then …….


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