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Merriam Webster defines “signature” as something that serves to set apart or identify. My goal with the new version of my website was to set apart the flies I design, tie and offer to my customers from the imitations of those fly designs tied by someone else. When I released “Matching Major Eastern Hatches” in 2010 I basically put a lifetime of my fly design thought, theory and practice out into the book. Most of the fly designs were and continue to be the result of the challenges I’ve encountered on the stream with selective fish and technical fishing situations. A number of those patterns have been duplicated by other tyers which is fine, but in the end I wanted to offer those original or “signature” fly patterns to customers who enjoy that same kind of technical fishing but would prefer to have them tied by the originator. Check out the candy store ….. #daiichihooks #trouthunter #naturesspirit


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