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Something Old, Something New ...

One of the first quality fly rods I ever bought was this early 80's Thomas & Thomas Special Dry Fly back in 1983. This is one of the early graphite rods; Serial number 936, which comes from the days when they put nickle silver ferrules and fittings on even their synthetic fly rods. I literally fished this rod to death in the years since then. The cork was shot, the blueing worn off and the ferrule fit getting a bit sloppy. After studying restoration methods I decided to give it a go on my own and removed the grip and reel seat, re-blued the nickle silver hardware, tightened the ferrules and glued and turned a new grip to the original specifications. I'm really looking forward to fishing this rod again, it is 8' and made for a 4 1/2 weight line. By today's synthetic standards it wouldn't be considered a fast taper, but I can tell you it is a pure delight to fish a dry fly with. There are more in-process pictures posted on my Instagram and FaceBook account. Till next time .....


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