My visits to headwater streams have run the full spectrum of experiences from boom to bust with many in betweens along the way. Some have been miserable experiences that left me scratching my head and scratching them off my bucket list while others were beautiful places that exceeded my expectations and kept me smiling long after I broke down my rod at the end of the day. The true essence of blue line fishing is the trip into new waters with no assurance of what waits at the end of the hike. It’s the culmination of studying maps, anticipation and the reality of the journey to get there. This past weekend I had the pleasure of exploring a few small streams in York County with my friend Ed Bosley. The waters were clear and cool, the trout were brightly colored and eager, and the stream bottoms were carpeted in the bright yellow blooms of Marsh Marigolds. This week’s pic is Ed working his magic on one of those streams. Till next week …..

I love to explore headwater streams and fish for native brook trout and wild browns. There’s something deeply satisfying and oftentimes rewarding in exploring waters that are new to me and getting away from a busy lifestyle and its demands. The only thing that is cooler than doing it alone is to do it with a friend that shares the same love of these special places. This past Saturday I had the privilege of exploring a few new headwater streams just north of Pennsylvania’s coal regions with Fred “Grizzly King” Klein. Fred is not just an ace tyer of traditional wet flies from Mary Orvis Marbury and Ray Bergman, a great historian and writer, but also a good friend. This week’s pic is Fred working one of those headwater stream pools with his old school wet flies. Till next week ……

Sometimes you have the fortune of dancing with a better fish, and sometimes the dance gets a little sideways when you are trying to capture that perfect grip and grin moment with a camera. Today’s post is one of those awkward “Dances with Trout” photo ops from this past Saturday’s fishing on one of our Pennsylvania limestone streams. Till next week ….