For me, the only thing better than enjoying a stream and being alone with my thoughts is to share it with a friend. It's always cool to watch someone else fish a stretch of water, see how they approach it and learn from that. This past weekend I had the fortune of sharing a new blue line stream with a new pair of friends and watching them in action. We spent the final hour of the day casting to a few fish rising to March Browns. Thank you to Morgan and Dan for sharing a day on the water with me, I hope we can do it again sometime. Till then ....

Proximity is defined as “the nearness of space, time or relationship”. There’s something truly remarkable about spending time in wild places and being in proximity to wild things. Our time spent in those environments offers two uniquely distinct and opposing perspectives depending on why you make the choice to go there. One viewpoint is the escape from an often-stressful life and the demands of living and working in a modern society. The other perspective is the proximity to a beautiful and natural world that offers an engagement with wild environments and wild things. For me, it’s more of the latter perspective rather than the former. While I enjoy being off the grid, I enjoy the proximity to nature and the beauty it displays in the form of brook trout, wildflowers, and forests. Sometimes you can feel the closeness of wild things that are often unseen but sensed. This week’s image is from a stream valley I visited last weekend. I really didn’t want to leave it at the end of the day. I’m glad to have connected with a number of its brightly speckled locals and to admire trout lilies, trillium and fiddle heads. I still wonder what might have been watching me from the darkness of that den above me. Till next week …..

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to explore two Class A Wild designated trout streams in the Pocono region with my friend Joseph Simons, aka the “Wild Trout Man”. I believe that an emphasis on either “wild man” or “wild trout” would be appropriate as Joe embodies both traits in his passion for wild trout and the wild places they are often found in. While I certainly enjoy the planning, map study and approach that goes into these blue line explorations, there’s nothing better than sharing that experience with another like-minded angler. Thank you Joe for being an accomplice on my latest blue line excursion, I had a great time and we will certainly do this again. This week’s pic is the “Wild Trout Man” himself doing what he does and working some small stream magic. Till next week …..