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Back to the Land ,,,,

In the Joni Mitchell song “Woodstock” my favorite line say’s “got to get back to the land and set my soul free”…. I just returned from a trip to “the land” yesterday, which for me is northcentral Pennsylvania. I fell in love with these mountains and the little streams that flow through their valleys the first time I saw them as a boy. My connection with this area has only grown deeper with the passing of years; and it’s a place where my soul indeed feels set free and at peace. It’s a place where I can pitch a tent in the backwoods, be quiet, think, dream and recall things that make me smile. It’s a place where I think of old friends I shared this place with in years past, and I often imagine their spirits fishing these beautiful threads of water. It’s a place I enjoy sharing with new friends when the chance arises and enjoying the wonder it stirs in them for the first time. There’s a strong need in a busy and often stressful life to go to that place you call “the land” and set your soul free. Till next week ……


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