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Catching a really nice fish is the dream we all dream of, it’s the stuff that keeps us looking forward to the next cast, the next pool, the next trip or the next season. It’s ever present in our minds when we sit down to tie flies, look at a new rod or when we open a fly box to pick another offering to tie on. It’s the fire we fuel. While the crush of a big trout rolling up on a streamer takes my breath every time it happens; and that sudden resistance that I feel when I lift the rod tip on a nymph drift is an exciting experience, nothing compares to stalking and casting to a big fish and watching it rise to a well presented fly. It’s the Masters Game of fly fishing. Big trout don’t always make a showing proportionate to their size when they rise, but when you’ve watched enough of them you learn to recognize the signs that say “big fish” and get ready for the opportunity to experience something special and memorable. In situations like that I often find myself talking out loud, focusing on the smallest details, checking knots, putting myself in the best possible casting position, working hard to stay calm and putting on my “A game”. Big surface feeders make you do those things. Study the riseform and the timing. Pick the right fly and tie the knot carefully. Make the pitch like it’s the only shot you will get, breathe, mend, watch for it ……… For me, fly fishing is always better on top and nothing compares to the excitement of casting a dry fly to a big fish feeding on the surface. This week’s pic is a handsome specimen that took one of my CDC Adult Caddis on top after a careful stalk, a well-placed cast and a lot of loud heartbeats. Till next week ……


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