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Blue Quills .....

I spent some time socially distancing in the Poconos this past weekend and hit a few small streams. There was a heavy frost in the morning that added some early glitter to the forest floor, and I added an extra layer before taking my rod and camera for a hike to a small stream that was calling me. The rising sun quickly brought some much-needed warmth to the day and I was treated to a mid-day hatch of little Blue Quills. There were enough fish rising to them to make for a rewarding day in the mountains, and my Early Blue Quill Thorax Dun worked its magic. “Paraleptophlebia adoptiva” is just a cool name to say, and the little mahogany colored mayflies that carry this long name are a favorite that begins hatching at a time when the world is waking up from the sleep of winter and the woods are getting their early color. I love this time of the year when trees are just coming into bud, when Trout Lillies are blooming along the stream valleys and the early season hatches start to bring the brightly speckled fish we love to the surface. I love these little mayflies too and look forward to their appearance over the water each spring. Pictured this week is a male Paraleptophlebia “Blue Quill” Dun. Till next week …… #ThoraxDun


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