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Brook Trout by George ....

I spent a day this past weekend exploring a few thin blue lines in central Pennsylvania with my friend George Reilly. The trip was my donation to the Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum Association’s fundraising banquet last fall. George was the winning bidder and spent a day with me conducting “research” (aka fishing) for a new project I’m working on. He will be getting a set of 10 high quality photographs from the day and the chance of some of those images appearing in my next book. We had a great time, fishing two Class A Wild designated streams that were new to both of us, I got some great images, and we found some new speckled friends along the way. Exploring new water with a friend is never a bad way to spend a day. This week’s image is a shot of George working a run on one of those Class A Wild streams. Till next week ……. #ItsAboutTheFish #PAWild


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