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Chop and Drop ...

Some time ago I posted a rant about one of these projects that left me mumbling to myself and asking questions. Since then, I’ve seen this work on many streams with some of them showing clear logic, planning and execution in tree selection, cutting and placement. I was invited to visit one project with a state forester and felt like I had learned much about how strategic tree placement in a stream can create many benefits for trout and macro-invertebrate life forms when it is done correctly. What I see too many times are projects that have little chance of ever accomplishing this goal. In this image you can see two trees that nature placed in a stream that created a nice pool where one likely didn’t exist previously. You can understand how these trees altered stream hydraulics and produced great brook trout and stream insect habitat. Above them you can see another tree cut across the stream that will not provide any benefit at all to the health of this stream. This particular stream has dozens of trees cut along its banks that are too high above the water to produce any benefit. It’s a northern Pennsylvania Class A Wild stream that lacks habitat and would certainly improve with some sensible habitat improvements. This stream didn’t get what it deserves. Yes, I still have questions …..


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