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Dances with Trout ...

I had a great time this past Saturday fishing with my great friend Joseph “The Wild Trout Man” Simons, who is a so much fun to fish with and has an incredible passion for preserving, protecting, and fishing for wild trout. On any day on the water there is the always the potential for something crazy to happen, and sometimes it happens. Saturday proved to be no exception. I was still stringing up my rod when I heard the splashdown as the Wild Trout Man himself went down in the heat of battle with a brook trout; and while I did not capture the fall, I did capture the landing. The trout was successfully landed, and Joe was fortunate not to get a wader shot of that cold mountain stream water in the process. I know we will laugh about this one for the rest of our years. Check out his videos on YouTube, they are truly awesome. Till next week …. #wildtroutman


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