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One of my neighbors is a premier breeder of Llamas, which are pretty cool animals. The fur from llamas is known as “fiber” and is used to make beautiful sweaters, scarves, gloves, socks and hats. I was invited to do a beginner fly tying class at a llama conference using llama fiber as a material, which is an interesting diversion from my normal weekend activity of fly fishing, writing about it, or photographing it. The people that attended my class were a lot of fun to work with and they learned how to tie a Woolly Bugger using their llama fiber in a different way. For those of you that have never tied with llama fiber, it has a unique and soft texture that comes in a variety of natural colors from white to black. Its fiber length runs long compared to other natural fibers and creates a semi shaggy body when you dub it. A big thank you to Carol Reigh of Buck Hollow Llamas for inviting me to participate, for those that took the class, and to Steve Silverio of Regal Vise for providing tying vises for all the participants. Somedays a diversion from your normal business is a pretty cool thing to do. Till next week ….. #Regalvise #Daiichihooks #UniThread


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