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First Pitches ......

The first pitch is always the most important one you make, and it’s the one that deserves the best combined efforts of your experience, powers of observation and planning. The fish in some streams are wild veterans that have survived a lifetime of predation by having sharpened instincts and have a keen sense of danger and the shapes that it can take. On some technical waters an angler may only get a pitch or two at a good fish. Throw a bad pitch and the game is often over. I enjoy those kinds of situations that force me to be on my “A Game” when I stalk a rising fish. Study the water, watch the rise forms closely, look for clues and determine what the first pitch will be. It’s deeply satisfying when it all comes together and the stream surface blows up and I’ve connected with a good fish. Each success or failure sharpens my own instincts and the respect I have for these beautiful wild creatures. #ItsAboutTheFish #PAWild

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