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Fishing the Land of Leisenring ...

The limestone streams of the Lehigh Valley were the waters of “Big Jim” Leisenring of Allentown and his wet flies and flymph patterns. I’ve fished many of this region’s limestone streams over the years and visit the area a few times every year. This past weekend I had a chance to fish with a friend that calls these waters home, and like Leisenring he knows them very well. While some of our streams are starting to show higher water temperatures; these limestone gems still flow cold and clear, and provided a day of tough fishing for wild trout that were shy and evasive. In spite of the rapid population growth and suburban sprawl that have turned many farms into subdivisions and strip malls, the Lehigh Valley is blessed with a number of limestone streams that support wild trout in an extensive system of greenway parks that provides buffer zones along these stream corridors. Pictured this week is Chris fishing one of his favorites. Till next week …..


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