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It’s rare to have a friend that will hike well over a half a mile to a headwater stream in the middle of nowhere, completely aware of the thin possibility that there will be something worth fishing at the end of it. It’s even rarer to have a friend that will indulge that trek in a downpour without whining and bitching the entire time, and laughs at miserable weather instead. Dan is one of those kinds of friends. We met in Idaho about eight years ago; and since then we’ve managed to get together and fish a few times a year, in some remarkable places east and west. Last week I was fortunate to spend a few days camping and fishing with him on a few of northcentral Pennsylvania’s Class A Wild streams. Each stream was new to us and each required a pretty good hike to find them. Sometimes you find something very cool when you explore a remote blue line, and it’s even better when you can share it with a friend. Till next week ……… #ItsAboutTheFish #PAWild


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