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Hendricksons ....

There have been a lot of recent posts on social media groups with interpretations of the classic Catskill Hendrickson dry fly, a beautiful and elegant pattern with a long history. Tonight I felt inspired to throw one of mine into the ring. I broke out some of the older materials in my hoard to tie this version of the Hendrickson. For this fly I used the following materials (how many of you remember these sources?):

Hook: Gaelic Supreme 7029T from Herters

Thread: pale yellow silk

Tail: bronze dun spade hackle fibers from the flock of Chris Baker

Body: urine burnt red fox fur (vixen) from Eric Leiser

Wings: divided lemon wood duck flank

Hackle: Ted Hebert dark bronze blue dun (pre-Whiting era) from Dick Talleur’s estate

The background is a Catskill Heritage Fly Fishers patch; a gift from my friend and ace fly tyer Mike Valla


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