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I still feel blessed to have put together this manuscript and see it published years ago, even more blessed to sellout a few printings. Matching Major Eastern Hatches was the result of my lifetime of fly tying experiments up to that point. While I’ve heard the possibility of another printing in the future, my hope would be to write a revised edition someday. So many things have changed since then; some materials I called for are sadly no longer available and others are getting very difficult to find. I’ve had the fortune to have traveled more, to learn a few more things and have more to share with my readers as a result. There are a few new fly designs that I would want to share including a cool emerger that has become a favorite go to fly, some new variations on some of my older designs and some modern flymph patterns. I’m probably another 2 years away from completing another book and hope to circle back to writing an updated edition of Matching Major Eastern Hatches after that one. Till then …..


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