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One Earth .....

Life often presents us with just one choice to make, one chance to do something right and one day at a time. It also presents us with just one Earth and a myriad of choices to chances to take with it. This past weekend I made a choice to scout a Class A Wild designated stream here in Pennsylvania. The property was heavily posted, but I took the chance of knocking on the door and had a remarkably cool conversation with the landowners. I was rewarded not only by securing permission to fish their stream, but with an interesting conversation. They had purchased the property years ago when the stream was heavily stocked and grew frustrated by the abuses of the people that showed up each year on opening day. They decided to protect themselves from the littering and rude behavior that opening day brought by posting the property. The stocking of hatchery fish ceased, the wild browns took the stream back, and the owners were well aware that the stream has since earned designation as “Class A Wild” trout water. I had a fantastic day of fishing a beautiful stream in a healthy and natural state and a chance to see another great example of the potential of wild trout when we make them an important choice. I took a few things home at the end of the day; a few pictures, a few memories, new friends and a few pieces of trash I jammed into my pocket on the way out. We get one Earth. How we care for it and protect it is our choice. Till next week ….. #ItsAboutTheFish #earthday


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