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Picking the Knots ...

   The past few months have been what I can best describe as a roller coaster ride in my life. A few highs and some rather significant and painful lows. Some rides in a life can be like that. While I haven’t been posting much on here in a while; most of my time has been spent working, fishing and trying to untangle the knots that have formed in the different lines of my life. Things can often get like that on the days that end in Y. With water temperatures moving to a level that will shut down much of my cold-water fishing for a time; I’ll be spending most of my free time working on two book manuscripts and hoping to live long enough to get them to the finish line. There is so much involved with conducting “research”, writing, photo shoots and post processing images to make a work that is accurate, insightful, enjoyable, visually appealing and complete. Readers deserve that experience. Both books will really be what I can best characterize as “life works” because both books will be a reflection and summary of my long-term love affair with moving waters, fly fishing and crafting flies worthy of the beautiful wild trout I pursue. There have been many years spent waiving a stick over the water and wrapping feathers around little hooks, with many stories to tell. It’s hard to maintain a social media presence and give these projects the effort they deserve, and it’s best at times to be quiet, focus and continue to pick away at the knots. Stay tuned for more in the future. Till then …. #tieoneon #itsaboutthefish


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