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  It’s often said that an angler’s optimism is an eternal thing that manifests itself in many ways, and I know that to be quite true in my own world. There’s a nice blanket of snow outside and the thermometer read 10 degrees Fahrenheit when I walked out the front door this morning. A group of birds sat intently waiting for me to fill the feeder and leave; their feathers fluffed to keep warm on a bitter morning. While the world in my part of the world is in the grip of winter; my thoughts are optimistic, and this little box of flies tied to match those early season stonefly and caddis hatches is starting to fill. My instincts say that spring will come early this year. I’m not one to trust the wisdom of a rodent, so I won’t put much weight on Phil’s announcement when it comes, and will stick with my own thoughts. Maybe mine are based on a hunch. Perhaps it’s just wishful thinking. Maybe it’s just an angler’s optimism. Either way I’ll go with that hunch and keep refueling my fly boxes and my thoughts of spring. Right or wrong, I’ll be ready to tie one of those flies on when the ice melts, the flies are starting to hatch and the trout rise to meet them. It won’t be long. Till next time … #tieoneon


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