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Road Trips ...

2018 has been a continuous road trip for me. The road trip has been a combination of trips to some old familiar streams and rivers that are special to me as well as some visits to many places that were totally new. The first year of a new three-year book project has taken me all over Pennsylvania in the course of conducting my “research” with a tent, a fly rod, my camera and some pretty special friends that have tagged along as accomplices. There’s been encounters with bears, rattle snakes and bison, nights filled with hooting owls, howling wolves and bugling elk. There’s been campfires, smooth whiskey and peace that only the sound of flowing water can provide. There’s been encounters with fish species that are very familiar friends and a few species that were new to me. It’s more work than many might imagine; and it’s certainly not going to help me retire any sooner, but it does indeed offer rewards and richness that runs far beyond any monetary gain. Not a bad gig at all, looking forward to a lot more road trips in 2019. Till next week ….. #keystoneflyfishing #itsaboutthefish #thinbluelines


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