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Tying flies is one of my favorite things to do. There’s something deeply satisfying in developing a pattern for a situation or creating a fly that becomes a solution to a fishing challenge. In chapter 13 of my book “Matching Major Eastern Hatches” I describe the challenges of developing an effective adult caddis imitation for a local stream where the fish are heavily pressured and often take the time to evaluate a fly floating in the film before making a choice to take or reject it. After trials with many types of hair, fibers and tape films, CDC became the solution. The challenge became finding a way to tie it with a dense wing that could float and provide movement; yet leave the hook eye unobstructed with materials like the hairwing patterns. At 50 something I’m still like a kid when I get to the water and see rising fish, and a clean hook eye makes threading a tippet easier when your heart is racing and your eyes have aged. The design uses a bullet head approach to keep the eye area clean and makes a very sweet profile. My pattern designs are usually more intricate, but sometimes a solution takes a simple form. This pattern satisfies my “Three F’s” of design criteria for a dry fly; Form, Footprint and Flush. I tie them in a variety of sizes and colors to match the different caddis species I encounter and have caught tough fish all over the country with them. Pictured here is my Grannom pattern, male and female. Tie a few up or shoot me an order and be sure to tie one on ……. Till next week. #TroutHunterCDC


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