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Speckled Trout .....

“….we followed no trail, just stream-sound tangled in rhododendron, to where slow water opened a hole to slip a line in and lift as from a well bright, shadows of another world ……”

I think this Ron Rash poem excerpt captures the essence and wildness of fishing a headwater stream better than any other I’ve ever read. A beautiful depiction of the small stream pursuit many of us know and love. Thin blue lines, quiet woods cloaked in moss and shadows, a place where a person can get lost without really being lost and a chance for a few of those bright shadows from another world…….

This week I will be at the Delaware Valley Fly Fishers in Yardley, Pa. on Wednesday night presenting “A Walk on the Wild Side, Fly Fishing Pennsylvania’s Headwater Streams”. On Thursday I will be doing a fly tying demo at the International Fly Fishing Film Festival at the Goggle Works in Reading, Pa. Till next week …… www.ramsayflies #keystoneflyfishing


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