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Strike Two ...

Two trips to the Idaho Panhandle and the count is Bull Trout 2, Henry 0. While each trip has been a solid attempt with all the enthusiasm of a kid, it’s been a bull market. Thankfully those Westslope Cutthroat were willing to play the game and take my offerings of October Caddis and Mahogany Dun patterns, and we enjoyed some great days on a river I’ve grown to love for its character and mysterious deep green pools, rocky outcroppings and bright stream stones. I also had the chance to camp along the river and share it with two great friends. One thing this river has taught me is the value of fishing Yorkshire spider patterns, and two originals that enjoyed great success were the “Coot and Claret” and “Barrs Favorite” along with the traditional “Partridge and Orange”. More about those flies another time. An angler’s optimism burns eternal, and I look forward to taking another swing at these elusive fish sometime in the future. Anglers are like dreamers, and as John Lennon wrote “but I’m not the only one …”. Till then I’ll just keep dreaming, tying flies and smiling. Till next time ….


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