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Sulphurs .........

We all have hatches that we enjoy and I enjoy every change I get to match a hatch and cast to rising fish. All of them bring something special to the fishing experience and I have some great memories of Hendricksons, Blue Quills, March Browns, the legendary Green Drake and others. My favorite hatch? Here in the east I would have to say without hesitation that it would be the Sulphurs. We find them in abundance on many streams; including those with less than perfect water quality, the enjoy a lengthy emergence and they come in an array of colors from pale pastel yellows to varying shades of orange. The Sulphurs are making a good showing on many of our eastern streams as I write this. While a number of mayflies are yellowish in color and mistaken for Sulphurs, the true Sulphurs are "Ephemerella invaria" and "Ephemerella dorothea dorothea". Pictured this week is one of my favorite images of a Sulphur Dun I photographed on the Tulpehocken Creek near Reading, Pennsylvania. Hit me up if you are interested in a signed print. Till next week .......


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