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Summertime Blues ....

It’s early August already, hotter than hell, and tough to find the motivation to do much writing lately. Standing in a stream and spending time in the mountains always triggers some inspiration to pound away on the computer keys, but there’s been very little of any of these activities of late. The trout waters in so many places are flowing warm and low, so here I sit dreaming of cool water, cool temperatures, cool places I love and cool friends I miss …. and tying Hendricksons. I know ….

I cleared off my tying desk yesterday and cleaned and re-organized everything; which is one of the truest signs of desperation and something I hadn’t done in years. I found some cool things long lost under the clippings, materials and tools that have accumulated there. I found a much loved and lost set of hackle pliers that I have missed dearly, a card from a friend with some wood duck feathers kindly tucked in it, samples from a hook manufacturer and some letters from fly customers I re-read before storing them properly. I cleaned the coaster my bourbon glass rests on, and as a grand finale and threw back just a little as a celebration of my accomplishment. It really won’t be long before the waters begin to cool down, the leaves start to change and the wild trout we love start to think of love and get dressed in their spawning colors. I dream about pitching a tent in a quiet place in the mountains, enjoying the warmth of a campfire and falling asleep listing to the stream singing softly in the night. Till then, I’ll keep spinning out next year’s flies and working thru the summertime blues. Till next week ……. #regalvise #daiichihooks #trouthuntercdc #naturespirit


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