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Some weeks the words just seem to tumble and flow like the water in a mountain stream, coming somewhere from the deep reaches of my imagination and eventually cascading onto the pages of the interweb. Like the rocks of a streambed, the words often take a little time to polish them and make them smooth and convey my thoughts, but it usually works in the end. Sometimes all it takes is something small to trigger the words and get them flowing and it often happens while I’m tying a fly or standing in a stream somewhere. Sometimes it just happens, other times it’s really a struggle. Kind of like the process of choosing a fly to knot on, it’s often based on impulses and something that amuses me at the moment. Amid all of the pre-holiday prep and other forms of real-life mayhem; this week has been dry on inspiration, so I’m taking a different angle and turning it over to the people that read my weekly ramblings. What topics interest you as a reader? What would you like to see posted here? Do you have a question that bugs you about bugs, tactics, fly tying, etc. Ready, set, go! This could be fun. Till next week ……….


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