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Survivors .....

I’m writing this today while looking at an angry stream that’s busy churning, chocolate, rolling out well beyond its banks and not looking anything the one I’ve fished for the past 40 years. Welcome to eastern Pennsylvania and the summer of monsoons. While it doesn’t look like I’ll be casting a fly there anytime soon, my thoughts turn from fishing toward the wild trout that swim there and how they can endure this. Thousands of years of adaptation to changing conditions, floods, drought, deep freezes, continuous predation and other impacts have conditioned them to survive in these harsh environments. Wild trout never cease to amaze me with their ability to endure and survive all of these things, and a trout that’s grown to good size is a true marvel of nature that’s far more valuable in the stream than anywhere else. The rains will stop eventually; the streams will run clear and cool in short-time, and we will meet again soon my friend. Till next week …… #keystoneflyfishing


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