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The Big Dance ....

I’m ever amazed by the combinations of coloration found in nature, and holding one of these speckled works of art never grows old for me. A male eastern brook trout puts on an incredible display of color as they get ready for the big dance of the fall spawning season. The fire belly male pictured here was from a small stream in Potter County that will hopefully pass on his genetics. The low water conditions we are experiencing here in the east are worrisome going into the spawning season, and we are in desperate need of some rain to bring stream flows back up. The fall spawn is a critical time in the game of survival in these small stream environments and we all need to be sensitive to it. That said, if your fishing journeys takes you on the headwater streams please be on the watch for spawning redds, and be sure to avoid walking on them or fishing over spawning trout. The wild trout we love are already stressed enough without us compounding it. It should always be about the fish and not the fisherman. Till next week …… #ItsAboutTheFish #PAWild


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