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The Early Stoneflies ...

There is something fantastic and deeply satisfying about the first fish of the new year, regardless of the size it comes in. It’s even more fantastic and satisfying when it is taken on the top during a hatch. Numb fingers and toes find a way of taking a back seat when everything comes together, and the line gets tight. I don’t fish regularly during the winter months, but it’s been too long of an absence from fishing in my case and my first outing of the year turned out to be just the therapy I needed on a February day. I’ve been experimenting with a few new patterns for the Early Black and Brown Stoneflies the past few seasons, and the trout seemed to approve of the one that imitates the fluttering appearance of these little insects very well. More on that subject another time. It’s been a while since I posted on my website regularly and I will work on that more this year. Tie those flies, dream of hatches and rising fish and be ready to tie one on when the moment presents itself. Till next time … #itsaboutthefish


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