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The Favorite Stream ....

People often ask me the question of what my favorite stream is. After playing at this game for a long time in a lot of different places; my answer is very simple, it’s the one I’m standing in at the moment. Every stream is unique and offers something different from other waters. Every stream is fluid in its character and temperament and changes its moods often. Some waters are old friends that I’ve grown closer to more than others, and I’ve come to know them intimately. Some hold special memories for me of better days when everything came together to create something unforgettable. Other streams are sentimental places that are waded by the ghosts of old friends that have moved on from this world, and I think of them when I fish there. Many of them are well known, famous reaches of waters that draw anglers from afar, but far more are relatively obscure smaller waters in the deep, wild valleys of our eastern mountains. Each has offered experiences that have made my time spent with them special and have taught me countless new lessons. They are all special waters for different reasons. There’s been enough of all these experiences to make narrowing it all down to a single stream or river I could call my favorite something impossible to conclude.

Life is short and often very busy. Fish when and wherever your time permits. Stop and watch the water. Listen to it. Dream of new rivers to explore and enjoy each one you fish. Most of all enjoy the one you’re standing in, it’s the best one you have right now. Pictured here is Soda Butte Creek in Yellowstone National Park. Till next week …..


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