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The Rear View ......

While I seem to stay moving forward most of the time, it’s always fun to look in the rear view mirror to see where I’ve been over the past year. While I never went outside of Pennsylvania this year, my travels took me to more than 100 different streams and rivers around the state as part of my research for another book project, and I had the chance to share some of them with some really good people. While some streams were old friends, most were new to me and I found a few that were busts and some special ones that I will surely revisit again in the future. I had the fortune of catching the best wild brook trout of my life; a beautifully colored male that nearly hit a foot in length. It came at the end of a long hike down a mountainside, the crossing of a river, a short hike up a tributary on the other side and a tight cast into a tunnel of tall rhododendron that canopied the stream. It was worth all the effort. There were a few big browns that crushed streamers on the bigger water, and a lot of lesser sized, but beautiful gems in the headwater streams I love. There were camping trips to some quiet places off the grid where the coyotes yipped in the night, and more bear than I’ve ever seen in past years. I reconnected with an old friend that I hadn’t seen since we last fished together in the mountains when we were teenagers 40 years ago. There were trips spent hiking into some headwater streams with Dan Barr, Bob Romano, and George Reilly and float trips with Nicholas Raftas, Eric Richard and Gavin Robinson. My fly customers kept me busy when I wasn’t fishing or writing, and in conclusion it was a great year. I am truly blessed to do what I do and share it with friends. To all of you who read this, the very best to you in 2020! We will have a lot more memories to make. Till then …….


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