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On my recent trip to Yellowstone we made a stop at TroutHunter Fly Shop in Island Park, Idaho. Behind the shop counter was my old friend Rick Smith. While getting some intel on fishing in the park, Rick described a day of recent fishing on Soda Butte creek and the Lamar River, and the success he had with my Little Yellow Stonefly pattern. Rick had already been in the process of writing his weekly post for the shop’s website when we walked in. This week’s image is a pic of yours truly with Rick Smith and his lovely wife Minori. Rick is one of those genuine people with an infectious passion for fly fishing and an all-around great guy. TroutHunter is one of my favorite sources of tippet material and fly tying materials and their CDC is absolutely the best out there. If you are a hard core CDC user you really need to check theirs out. Till next week …….. #TroutHunter #YellowstoneFlyFishing #YellowSally


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