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Turning the Pages ....

There’s a pretty cool thing about turning a page. The page we leave and the things we found there are still vivid in the mind, and turning to another page offers the excitement of the unknown and the anticipation of what will happen on the next. Pages in a life are much the same. 2018 was an incredible year filled with excitement and adventure, which was spent on over 120 streams and rivers both east and west in multiple states. It saw the roll out of a new and fresh website and the launch of “Signature Flies”. It had a couple bumps and potholes too along the way with a few health scares that have been put to bed. I’m looking forward to a New Year and the excitement that it might offer, the opportunity for some new adventures, the chance to share some days along the water with a few close friends, campfires in the mountains and the chance to share some of that with the folks that tune in on these pages. A huge thank you goes to all of my friends for a great 2018 and some rich memories, and a very Happy New Year to all. Till next time …….


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