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You May Say I'm a Dreamer ....

Ever since I was a teenager I’ve dreamed of having the chance to fish in Yellowstone Park; and more specifically, to fish the Firehole River. Ernest Schwiebert described it as the “Strangest Trout Stream on Earth” in his classic book “Remembrances of Rivers Past”, which is a fantastic read. The Firehole River has been on my bucket list ever since. Thanks to my good friend Dan Barr, I finally had my chance to visit this strange and beautiful land of geysers, hot springs, fumaroles and trout rivers including the Firehole. The little river lived up to Ernie’s description and I enjoyed a few evenings of good fishing here, as well as a number of other rivers in the park during our stay. This week’s image was taken on the Firehole at “Mule Shoe Bend”, and over the next few weeks I’ll be posting images from the other rivers we fished during this trip. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one ……. I’m pretty sure of that. Till next week …… #keystoneflyfishing


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