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A Little Twist .....

There are multiple angles on the topic of thread control, which is one of the key elements in fly tying. While learning how and when to apply thread tension and how to use soft loops are terribly important, another overlooked element that inexperienced tyers struggle with is controlling and managing the tying thread. Some companies and fly tyers talk about how a certain thread will wrap very flat, which is great when you are trying to maintain a smooth thread base that will be over-wrapped with thin materials such as quills or biots. At other times, a flat tying thread is the last thing you want. Never be afraid to give your bobbin a few spins when you are tying a material down tightly or tying off with a whip finish. Thinning down your tying thread diameter gives it a stronger bite to anchor materials in place. It will give you a cleaner head on your fly when you tie off because it will be less likely to separate and will give you better control of wrap placement. Don’t be afraid to twist that thread, it can make a big difference in the quality of your flies. Till next week …… #unithread #trouthunter #naturesspirit #daiichihooks #regalvise


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