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Last week I wrote about the benefit of batch tying and practice and the way that this approach can impact the quality of your flies. This week’s post is about taking this same concept to more complex flies, but with a twist. Whenever I’m tying complex fly patterns such as my stonefly nymphs and articulated nymphs or streamers, a more efficient technique that also improves fly consistency and quality is to break the fly down into stages. I always tie my stonefly nymphs on a foundation that adds weight and more closely resembles the wide cross-section of the naturals. The assembly line process for these flies involves building the fly foundations in batches of a dozen or two, going back and tying only the back half of the fly, then going back and completing them by adding the thorax, legs, wing cases, etc. The result? Less material and clutter on my tying desk, and more consistency in the finished flies. Give it a try next time you sit down to tie more technically challenging fly patterns. Till next week ….. #daiichihooks #regal #naturesspirit #unithread #trouthunter


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