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Bigger Isn't Always Better ....

Years ago it was pretty common to find streamer flies in smaller sizes in most shops and fly boxes. They took many forms, from bucktails like the Mickey Finn and Black Nose Dace to the beautiful Lew Oatman and Carrie Stevens feather wing patterns. Pennsylvania’s Sam Slaymaker tied a series of baby trout patterns to imitate brook, brown and rainbow trout. Somewhere along the way the lid blew off and my streamer boxes these days have some pretty nasty and big articulated flies. I really enjoy that moment when a big brown trout runs down one of those monster streamers and crushes it like a truck. On the headwater streams that same predatory behavior exists; but tossing a 4 to 6” long Circus Peanut or D&D will frighten more fish than anything else. This week’s pic is a Mallard Streamer tied with dyed mallard flank and squirrel tail to imitate a brown trout fry. My friend Eric Richard turned me on to these wicked little flies which work some cool mojo on headwater stream fish. Tie a few up on size #10 or12 3XL streamer hooks and tie one on. Till next week ….. #DaiichiHook #RegalVise #ItsAboutTheFish #PAWild


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