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I aways think of my ever-growing collection of dubbing materials as my palette of color possibilities with the additional bonus of textures that are often unique and important to the effect I want to achieve. All of them offer something different in terns of the end effect you can accomplish. A few weeks ago I posted the recent acquisition of a hare’s mask dyed with picric acid on social media. Dying with picric acid creates some unique colors in natural dubbing materials. I finally found time to blend the fur from the different parts of the mask and put them in labeled containers. As you can see, the different parts of the mask have widely different coloration and textures to add to your material palette if you choose to separate them. Dubbing those materials on different thread cores or bases provides even more opportunity to “paint” the effect you want on the finished fly, something that early tyers used to great advantage on their patterns. Spring is right around the corner, get those flies tied and get ready to tie one on soon. Till then …..


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