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Coq de Leon .....

There are so many ways to use these beautiful feathers. While they certainly see their share of use in nymph tails and have fibers that are just too long for smaller flies; there are some big mayfly imitations that allow us to put them to good use. The mayflies of the ephemera and hexagenia genus are huge, and many of them have heavily mottled wings that are well imitated by a dark pardo CDL hackle. Shown this week is my Parachute DNA Coffin Fly Spinner, with a Coq de Leon hackle wrapped around the sight post. The hackle adds a nice mottled break-up affect in its wings like its natural counterpart; and gives the big spinner a great light pattern, more surface tension and an improved float. Try tying some up this winter and tie one on when you see those big Green Drake spinners over the water next May. Till next week …… #WhitingFarms #NaturesSpirit #Daiichihooks #Regalvise


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