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Tuesday Tease ..... Part II

  Last week I announced the plan for launching “Signature Materials” in the future. A little more detail this week. I met Jack Mickievicz years ago when I was a teenager and stumbling along as a young tyer. For those of you who knew Jack or knew of him, he needs no explanation. For those of you who didn’t, he was the first commercial scale supplier of blended dubbing and many of the blends sold in shops were cooked by Jack. He also got Andy Renzetti started in the business of manufacturing fly tying tools and supplied tyers with great materials over the course of nearly 50 years. The last time I visited Jack, he told me that I should buy his business “Jacks Tackle” and we enjoyed a good laugh about that. I regret not taking him seriously about that while he was still with us, but recently I did just that, buying his equipment, dyes and unprocessed materials. I’ll never fill that set of shoes, but I will do my best to carry on that legacy under my own name. While I still work a full-time job, I will slowly build this over a few years as time my permits and will get an appropriate facelift to reflect that left turn in life.  I’ll be at the Maryland Fly Fishing Show later this month with a few things you might find useful in your tying. Till then ….


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