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Dances with CDC .....

Cul de Canard feathers are one of my favorite materials and play a big role in many of my “Signature Fly” patterns. Anyone that’s ever worked with these feathers knows that they can be frustrating to work with because they are sold loose; and because of their fluffy character, tend to blow around and scatter easily. A slight breeze or a sudden sneeze can send them flying all over your tying desk and the floor. A simple solution is to buy yourself a small plastic tote with a lid. Empty all of the CDC feathers from the bag and dump them all into one of these inexpensive boxes. Place the tote of feathers on your lap and you can now easily see and sort through all the feathers, select the ones you want for a fly and maintain control of them. If you call it quits for the evening or stop for a moment, snap the lid on the box to keep your feathers captive until you are ready to get back at it. You can score on a cheap tote for $5 and save yourself a lot of time and improve your efficiency at the tying desk. Look for totes made from low density polyethylene (LDPE) which will not hold a static charge. You can use the same trick for other loose feathers too. Till next week ….. #unithread #trouthunter #naturesspirit #daiichihooks #regalvise


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