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In Front of the Lens ...

While I prefer to be behind the lens when I'm shooting pictures, it doesn't work well when you are going at it solo. I hike into some remarkable places in the course of my "research" for an upcoming book project and lug all kinds of camera gear along with the fishing gear. I fish streams always looking for a pool or run that offers a picturesque setting and setup the camera and remote system. While it's a lot of work, it does offer rewards when you manage to capture a rise to a fly, a hook set, the landing of a fish or the release. I don't believe in fishing for wild trout in the fall once I start to see redds, and spend my "off season" writing, sorting through a seasons images or other tasks while the trout do their business. A cool pic from a Pennsylvania blue line shot earlier this year at the moment when one of those little river tigers met the fly. Till next time ....... www.ramsayflies #itsaboutthefish


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